Jessica is a native of Pittsburgh and grew up dancing for Abby Lee Miller. Through her competition dancing career she traveled with the ALDC across the country. With the connections she made in the competition world, Jessica was accepted as an apprentice for Broadway Theatre Project and spent two summers in Tampa learning from legends like Ben Vereen, Deb McWaters, Herman Payne and Darren Gibson. Upon graduation from high school, Jessica packed her bags and headed down south to attend James Madison University.  She graduated four years later with 14 productions under her belt and a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre.

Currently, Jessica is a proud resident of New York City. During the day she can be found at Ripley Grier or Pearl Studios auditioning. After she wraps up on 8th Ave, she heads to the Upper East Side's Manhattan Dance Academy to teach beautiful and talented young artists. Jessica leads an exciting weekend life, judging dance competitions. She has traveled coast to coast telling children to pointe their knees and straighten their toes (the long days sometimes get to her). In her free time, Jessica enjoys watching Gilmore Girls (and equally fast talking television shows), reading an absurd number of books, and climbing the stair master. 

Along with performing, Jessica has a passion for teaching and choreographing. At a young age, she formed a bond with Mrs. Maryen Lorraine Miller while learning her method of teaching. Through the years, Mrs. Miller passed along her Baby Ballerina and Prima Preschool teaching program to Jessica. With that information, Jessica can carry out the memory and legacy of Mrs. Miller by teaching master classes across the country, informing other teachers of these formative programs. 

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